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ASCE/AISC Bridge Competition

The design of bridges is perhaps the most exciting challenge for a structural engineer. This competition fosters the challenge of designing and testing a steel bridge. See Competitions for an overview and participation by Canadian teams below by year.

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"student bridge design"

2016 Student Steel Bridge Competition

Please see the following links for the official 2016 SSBC rules and information which apply to both regional and national events. The rules are posted on the official AISC/ASCE NSSBC website.
2016 SSBC Competition Rules (link to AISC website) 
AISC/ASCE official NSSBC website

A 2016 SSBC Competition Guide has been developed by the National Rules Committee to supplement the official rules and provide an aid to participants of the SSBC.  It is also the site from which you may download the official scoring spreadsheet. Please click on the following link access the SSBC Competition Guide.
SSBC Competition Guide

Information about elegibility, stipends and sponsorship for teams participating at the regional and national levels is provided on our main Competitions page.

2016 Regional Competition:

The 2016 ASCE Student Conference locations, host institutions, conference dates and contacts are provided on the ASCE website. 
Student Conferences -ASCE Website

For Canadian Teams participating at the Regional Competition level, please contact the CISC at and provide information about your team, bridge design and details of the ASCE Student Conference in which you will participate and the CISC will supply contact information for local CISC Members for sponsorship and fabrication assistance.

2016 National Competition:

The National Competition was hosted by Brigham Young University from May 27-May 28 in Provo, Utah.  48 teams participated in the competition including four Canadian Teams including: Lakehead University, University of British Columbia, Université Laval and École de technologie supérieure.

Qualified Canadian Student Steel Bridge teams are eligible to receive $2000 sponsorship from the CISC.

2016 Competition Results:

Competition results for participating Canadian teams are posted below.

Canadian Participants

École Polytechnique de Montréal :
ÉPM Steel Bridge

École de Technologie Supérieure : 1st Place, National Competition
Team ÉTS

Lakehead University : 19th Place, National Competition
Team Lakehead

University of Manitoba : Guest, Regional Conference (Mid-West)
Team Manitoba

University of British Columbia : 17th Place, National Competition
Team UBC

Université Laval : 14th Place, National Competition
Team Laval

University of Waterloo : Disqualified, Regional Conference (Upstate New York)
Team Waterloo


2008 NSSBC

The 2017 NSSBC will be hosted by Oregon State University.  Details t 

The 2016 NSSBC was hosted by Brigham Young University from May 27-May 28 in Provo, Utah.