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CISC University Research Grants (Formerly SSEF University Research Grants)

The CISC Research Grants was created to support the research of topics which are considered to be of interest and importance to the steel industry.

The Research Grants program was initiated by the Steel Structures Education Foundation in 1995.  Since the SSEF merged with the CISC in October 2014, this program is administered by the CISC.

Full time faculty of engineering or engineering technology programs at Canadian universities and colleges are invited to apply for a CISC Research Grant.  Grants are awarded on subjects judged to be of value in advancing the use of steel in construction and are awarded at the discretion of the CISC Research Grant Committee on the merits of the applications received. Each grant is awarded for a one-year period.

SInce 1995, over 100 research grants have been awarded.  The total value of grants awarded in 2015 is $94,200 and was announced in May, 2015.

The principal researcher of the highest ranked proposal also receives the H.A. Krentz Research Award and a gift of $5,000.  The recipient will be invited to accept the Award at the CISC Annual Conference.

The CISC Research Grant Brochure 2016-2017 provides descriptions of suggested research topics, application requirements and conditions pertaining to the award of grants. 

Suggestions for research topics can now be made by completing the CISC Research Topic Suggestion Form.  Please return the completed form to Maura Lecce at

2016 Grant Recipients

Previous Grant Years

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2015 Grant Recipients

Jeffrey A. Packer
Offset HSS Connections
University of Toronto
Department of Civil Engineering

Tony T.Y. Yang
Development of Innovative and Economical Steel Floor System
University of British Columbia
Department of Civil Engineering

Anjan Bhowmick
Lateral Torsional Buckling of Welded Wide Flange Beams
Concordia University
Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Lydell Wiebe
An Improved Connection for Seismically Designed Concentrically Braced Frames
McMaster University
Department of Civil Engineering

John Gales
Towards a Performance Based Fire Design Framework for Composite Steel Deck Construction in Canada
Carleton University
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Aerial view of the ROM

Congratulations to the 2015 research grant recipients:  L. Wiebe (McMaster University),  J.A. Packer (University of Toronto), T. T.Y. Yang (University of British Columbia), J.Gales (Carleton University), and A. Bhowmick (Concordia University).

The 2015 H.A. Krentz Award goes to L. Wiebe (McMaster University) for having the top-ranked research proposal.

The CISC Research Grant Brochure 2016-2017 includes suggested research topics, application requirements and conditions of the award.

Download the CISC Research Topic Suggestion Form.

Download a list of CISC Research Grants awarded from 1995-2015.